Yesterday's Icons

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  • Retro Telephone Clock

    Retro Telephone Clock

    Turn-of-the-century "candlestick" telephone, the first telephone to sit on a desk, now a clock.
  • Marbles n'Pouch

    Marbles n'Pouch

    Handmade glass marbles from the shores of Devon, various colours with pouch.
  • Vintage Notebook

    Vintage Notebook

    So unusual, vintage fabric delicate notebook bound with natural hemp.
  • Gramophone Clock

    Gramophone Clock

    Memories of vinyl records when music was played not streamed, beautifully designed gramophone clock.
  • Sewing Machine Bookends

    Sewing Machine Bookends

    Unique gift, collector's delight. Singer Sewing Machine Bookends, crafted in iron and wood.
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Gifts from by-gone eras, collectables from yesterday, now gone yet so enduring,