Wooden Toys

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  • Drummer Boy

    Drummer Boy

    Quality wooden traditional pull toy, motion and sound in vibrant colours.
  • Flying Dragon

    Flying Dragon

    Traditional wooden toy flying dragon, the wings flap up and down, a lasting toy to enjoy. 
  • No No Cow

    No No Cow

    Wooden cow shaking head , push, pull toy, traditional craftsmanship, quality.
  • Jumping Men

    Jumping Men

    Push the pedal, men go up then down, simply clever traditional wooden toy.
  • Guitar


    Bring out that artistic talent. give a gift of music, a wooden guitar
  • Clacking Hen

    Clacking Hen

    Classic, pull-push wooden toy, bright coloured clacking hen, quality toy.
  • Push Car

    Push Car

    Bright coloured bamboo push car, eco friendly, light and sturdy.
  • Circus Acrobat

    Circus Acrobat

    This traditional wooden toy circus acrobat brings endless fun while playing. A toy from yesterday still precious today.  

  • Wind Up Train

    Wind Up Train

    Wooden train wind up or push along,  for the little boy with big imagination.
  • Duck Family

    Duck Family

    Duck family with wobbly heads, the heads go up and down. A classic wooden toy.
  • Rocking Duckling

    Rocking Duckling

    Little duckling rocks as mother duck is pushed or pulled, quality traditional wooden toy,
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  • Quacking Duck

    Quacking Duck

    Push, pull traditional quacking duck, crafted in hard wood, will last years
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  • Tools Train

    Tools Train

     Learning practical skills, a steam locomotive with a chimney that doubles as a screwdriver and large screws to try on.

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  • Long Tail Dog

    Long Tail Dog

    Push dog, with long wooden beads tail and moving head 
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Wooden toys, crafted in the traditional way, exceptional quality, environmentally friendly.