Wooden Toys

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  • Freight Train

    Freight Train

    A traditional wooden toy, freight train with a happy face, a treat for that little someone who loves trains.
  • Drummer Boy

    Drummer Boy

    Traditional wooden pull toy, in vibrant colours. Motion and sound toy that is meant to last.
  • Quacking Duck

    Quacking Duck

    Push and pull. quacks quack duck.  Crafted in wood the traditional way, a toy for years of enjoyment and fun.
  • No No Cow

    No No Cow

    Wooden cow shaking head, saying "No No" . A push or pull toy, traditional, will endure for many years.
  • Walking Hedgehog

    Walking Hedgehog

    Traditional wooden toy, created to last, sustainable. and lots of fun.  This hedgehog walks down the ramp in a rocking fashion, simply amazing.
  • Rocking Duckling

    Rocking Duckling

    Little duckling rocks as mother duck is pushed or pulled. A traditional wooden toy, quality and sustainability.
  • Beefeater Stacking Toy

    Beefeater Stacking Toy

    London's famous guard the Beefeater, a traditionally crafted wooden stacking toy.
  • Clacking Hen

    Clacking Hen

    Classic, pull-push wooden toy, clacking hen, traditional, all wood, guaranteed to give toddlers hours of fun and enjoyment.
  • Xylophone Player

    Xylophone Player

    Traditional wooden pull toy, animal playing the xylophone as the cart is pulled. Motion and sound toy.
  • Guitar


    Bring out that artistic talent. give a gift of music, a guitar
  • Push Car

    Push Car

    Bright coloured bamboo push car, environmentally friendly, a little boy or girl's first push toy.
  • Jumping Men

    Jumping Men

    Push the pedal at the bottom and up the men go,  full of fun, simple, very traditional wooden toy.
  • Wind Up Train

    Wind Up Train

    Wooden train wind up or push along,  for the little boy with big imagination.
  • Wobbly Giraffe

    Wobbly Giraffe

    Woobly giraffe has a broken body, makes for more fun. A traditional toy for the toddler learning to walk.
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  • Tanker Pull Toy

    Tanker Pull Toy

    Traditional wooden toy, pull toy, can be disassembled and assembled, educational.
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Unleash curiosity, learning with traditional wooden toys, sturdy and environmentally friendly.