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  • Love Tin

    Love Tin

    Love heart tin, in shining red, so lovable.


    Romantic floral design, wooden keepsake box with a heart photo frame
  • Hand Painted Tile

    Hand Painted Tile

    Beautiful decorative piece of tile, hand painted from original work, various artists
  • Heart Clock

    Heart Clock

    Shabby Chic style, heart shaped, in the colour of Provence, this clock is very unique and a real stand out.
  • Truly Yours Heart Box

    Truly Yours Heart Box

    "Truly yours" heart shape wooden keepsake box to keep those precious mementos.


    Mini heart tin, tiny yet strong, beautiful red and gold colours, such elegance.
  • Hugging Hedgehogs

    Hugging Hedgehogs

    Hugging hedgehogs so sweet, crafted with lots of details.
  • Rustic Jewellery Box

    Rustic Jewellery Box

    Unique gift this rustic wooden jewellery box with heart design, large with drawer and compartments.
  • Rugby Box

    Rugby Box

    EXCLUSIVE ITEM Hard wood, antique finished Rugby Box, "From Rugby With Love" our very own design.
  • Tall Flower

    Tall Flower

    A gift that is forever beautiful, Swarovski Crystal metal art, tall flower with large crystal petals.
  • Water Can Vase

    Water Can Vase

    Watering can and vase, vintage style, bright, light and perfectly sized, a gift for someone who loves flowers.


    Full of nostalgia and romance, a tin for someone dear.
  • Cherish Stone

    Cherish Stone

    "Cherish" written on a heart made from soap stone. It is so forever.
  • Love Tea Box

    Love Tea Box

    A tea box not only to organise those tea bags, but to show-off at tea time. Love Tea Box is like no other.
  • Hearts Cushion

    Hearts Cushion

    Nine hearts in one cushion, each different from the other, a heart full cushion.
  • Sweetheart Bowl

    Sweetheart Bowl

    A modern, minimalist dish,  a heart gift for someone you love with the message "from me to you"
  • Family Tree Frame

    Family Tree Frame

    A "forever" gift for a new home or a new family., shabby-chic family tree photo frame beautifully carved hard wood, truly unique, rare find.
  • Heart Cutlery Box

    Heart Cutlery Box

    A gift for the traditional home, wooden cutlery box with heart design, unusual yet practical
  • Heart Napkins

    Heart Napkins

    Hearts paper table napkins, add a special touch to the table on  special occasions and dinners for two.
  • Message Heart Frame

    Message Heart Frame

    Heart message frame to write memories of that unforgettable moment, special and unique photo frame.
  • Roses Heart Box

    Roses Heart Box

    A shabby chic style heart box full of nostalgia, to put in those souvenirs of long ago,