Unusual Clocks

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  • Gramophone Clock

    Gramophone Clock

    Memories of vinyl records when music was played not streamed, beautifully designed gramophone clock.
  • Heart Clock

    Heart Clock

    Shabby Chic style, heart shaped, in the colour of Provence, this clock is very unique and a real stand out.
  • Retro Telephone Clock

    Retro Telephone Clock

    Turn-of-the-century "candlestick" telephone, the first telephone to sit on a desk, is now a clock.
  • Paris Hotel Clock

    Paris Hotel Clock

    So shabby and yet so chic., so very French, this Paris Hotel Clock.
  • Butcher's Scale Clock

    Butcher's Scale Clock

    A butcher's scale can sit as home decor and doubles as a clock, so retro.
  • Mirror Clock

    Mirror Clock

    Unique clock, mirrors on all sides and decorated with crystal butterfly and flower.
  • Rustic Ship Clock

    Rustic Ship Clock

    Rustic old battleship, an unusual clock to tell time and perk up a room corner.
  • Miniature Flower Clock

    Miniature Flower Clock

    Miniature clock in cream with dainty flowers, delicate, delightful. .
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A gift that tells time differently, an uncommon decorative clock.