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  • Xmas Cone Hedgehog

    Xmas Cone Hedgehog

    Christmas decor hedgehog made from twigs, cone, nice looking, quite unique.
  • Christmas Peg

    Christmas Peg

    Wooden pegs to hang the Christmas cards and photos, traditional design,
  • Traditional Ornament

    Traditional Ornament

    For the Christmas tree, a traditional trimming, beautifully crafted in resin
  • Xmas Bell-legged Moose

    Xmas Bell-legged Moose

    A wooden moose with bells, distressed painted wood, twine legs and tiny old-fashion metal cowbells.
  • Gift Boxes Decor

    Gift Boxes Decor

    Gift boxes tied up in gingham ribbon, shabby chic style, to dress up the Christmas tree
Create a Christmas tree beyond the usual with natural handmade decorations,