Traditional Home

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  • Love Tea Box

    Love Tea Box

    Love tea box, not only to organise tea bags but to show-off at tea time.
  • Sweet Home Boxes

    Sweet Home Boxes

    Environmentally friendly storage, a set of three wooden storage boxes.
  • French Farm Box

    French Farm Box

    French farms box, beautifully painted shabby chic, with lid and rope handles
  • Heart Cutlery Box

    Heart Cutlery Box

    Traditional wooden cutlery box with heart design, unique yet practical
  • Chocolates Tin

    Chocolates Tin

    Full of nostalgia, lavender chocolate tin, a perfect way to gift chocolates.
  • Farm Crate

    Farm Crate

    Vintage wooden farm crate sustainable kitchen storage.
  • Carved Wood Tea Box

    Carved Wood Tea Box

    Unique ornate design wooden tea box, a stylish way to store tea bags. 
  • Confectionery Tin

    Confectionery Tin

    Confectioneries tin from bygone era, full of nostalgia, a tin for gifting sweets.
  • Picnic Basket

    Picnic Basket

    Picnic for two? A small and light wicker basket is what you need.
  • Rugby Box

    Rugby Box

    EXCLUSIVE ITEM Hard wood, antique finished Rugby Box, "From Rugby With Love".
  • Water Can Vase

    Water Can Vase

    "Everything grows with Love" vintage watering can vase.
  • Seaside Tin

    Seaside Tin

    Seaside tin, original watercolour seaside scene by a British designer.
  • Blessing Plaque

    Blessing Plaque

    Wooden plaque "Count Your Blessings" natural woven, to hang as reminder.
Vintage and shabby-chic, gifts from long ago, so full of nostalgia, for the traditional home.