Special Tins

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  • With Love Tin

    With Love Tin

    "With Love" nostalgia and romance, a heart tin with gold interior,
  • Confectionery Tin

    Confectionery Tin

    Confectioneries tin from bygone era, full of nostalgia, a tin for gifting sweets.
  • Seaside Tin

    Seaside Tin

    Seaside tin, original watercolour seaside scene by a British designer.
  • Tulips Double  Tins

    Tulips Double Tins

    Designer tins, set of 2, fuchsia and purple tulips, sleek minimalist design
  • Seagulls Pocket Tin

    Seagulls Pocket Tin

    Fits into your pocket, original watercolours by a British designer.
  • Handy Tin Box

    Handy Tin Box

    Practical tin box for those bits and pieces get organised and tidy.
  • Sweets Shop Tin

    Sweets Shop Tin

    Little tin impressive details, brings to life the sweet shop of long ago. .
  • Tea Shop Tin

    Tea Shop Tin

    This little tin with lots of details, yesterday's tea shop is alive and well.
  • Toy Shop Tin

    Toy Shop Tin

    The toy shop as it used to be in great detail in this little tin
  • Mini Heart Tin

    Mini Heart Tin

    Mini heart tin, tiny yet strong, beautiful red and gold colours, such elegance.
  • Thank You Tin

    Thank You Tin

    Say "thank you " in another way, with this attractive heart tin.
  • Chocolates Tin

    Chocolates Tin

    Full of nostalgia, lavender chocolate tin, a perfect way to gift chocolates.
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  • Love Tin

    Love Tin

    Love heart tin, in shining red, so expressive and attractive.
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Practical and useful storage need not be unexciting, special tins are the answer.