Seaside Memories

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  • Colourful Seahorses

    Colourful Seahorses

    From: £11.99
    Multicoloured seahorses, hand carved on wood, great details, hand painted in many hues
  • Stripe Blue Fish

    Stripe Blue Fish

    Hanging decor stripe fish so very unique design, handmade.
  • Fish Trio Mobile

    Fish Trio Mobile

    Three fishes handmade mobile from wood, a gift for someone who loves to fish
  • Glass Sea Shell

    Glass Sea Shell

    Solid glass sea shell replica heavy and stable, perfect as decor or paper weight.
  • Birds on Driftwood

    Birds on Driftwood

    The sea and all the memories it brings, birds on driftwood, hand made, fair trade. 
  • Marble Stone Lighthouse

    Marble Stone Lighthouse

    Lighthouse made from red marble stone, smooth, glossy, a gift for someone who loves the sea
  • Underwater Jellyfish

    Underwater Jellyfish

    Beautiful glass art, underwater scene with swimming jellyfish and tall seaweeds,
Gifts and souvenirs that evoke the best of memories, beside the sea