Scents & Candles

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  • Luxury Spa Collection

    Luxury Spa Collection

    SPA essentials scented bubble bath, scented candle and scented soap boxed as a gift set.
  • Brass Potpourri Bowl

    Brass Potpourri Bowl

    Brass potpourri bowl on leaf legs with lid, unusual design, smell nature in your home.
  • Clay Butterfly Diffuser

    Clay Butterfly Diffuser

    Clay butterfly diffuser holds scent longer, fresh cotton scent, calming, refreshing.
  • Pamper Bath Melts

    Pamper Bath Melts

    Bath melts gift set, four different designs and different scent
  • Glass Floral Oil Burner

    Glass Floral Oil Burner

    Glass oil burner with floral design and mirror at the back side, On top, essential oils on glass container ​​​​​​​and tea light candle, bottom.
  • Exotic Scented Candle

    Exotic Scented Candle

    Not the usual fragrance gift, a recycled tin can with handmade scented soy candle, from Bali, Indonesia.
  • Stonehenge Oil Burner

    Stonehenge Oil Burner

    Unusual gift, aromatherapy anyone? Oil burner Stonehenge, beautifully crafted in resin, hand painted.
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Soothing gifts, scent, tea light, in imaginative settings and holders.