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  • Antique Wooden Chest

    Antique Wooden Chest

    Antique chest handcrafted in solid wood, copper coloured reproduction.
  • Mr Hare

    Mr Hare

    Handcrafted solid wood carved hare sits on a shelf, so very original.
  • Rustic Garden  Spool

    Rustic Garden Spool

    Rustic cast iron garden spool with twin birds, a unique gift for the gardener..
  • Rustic Floral Inlaid  Box

    Rustic Floral Inlaid Box

    A gift sure to surprise, handmade hard wood box with aluminium floral inlaid design, rustic.
  • Rustic Jewellery Box

    Rustic Jewellery Box

    Unique gift rustic wooden jewellery box with heart design, lined compartments.
Gifts from a time now long gone, unhurried, less complicated, gifts that maybe the last of a kind.