Quaint Accessories

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  • Victorian Clip Binder

    Victorian Clip Binder

    Ornate design, gold brass, bulldog clip, truly Victorian. An unusual gift, sure to surprise. 
  • Vintage Notebook

    Vintage Notebook

    So unusual, vintage fabric delicate notebook bound with natural hemp.
  • Old Fashion Cardholder

    Old Fashion Cardholder

    For the busy and organised, no ordinary cardholder, an elegant and classic gift.
  • Agate Fuchsia Bookends

    Agate Fuchsia Bookends

    Volcanic crystal filled rock bookends, ancient and mysterious, very different.
  • Vintage Paper Tray

    Vintage Paper Tray

    Vintage paper tray , hard wood in black colour, outstanding quality.
  • Gold Clip Binder

    Gold Clip Binder

    ​​​​​​​A gift most unique, antique style paper clip binder hand shape, crafted in bronze.
  • Sewing Machine Bookends

    Sewing Machine Bookends

    Unique gift, collector's delight. Singer Sewing Machine Bookends, crafted in iron and wood.
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Gifts so old-fashioned, yet so charming,definitely a find.