Plush Toys

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  • Cat Charlos

    Cat Charlos

    Charlos the Cat, black and white with polka dot tie, chic French designed
  • Penguin Frigos

    Penguin Frigos

    Plush toy penguin in blue and green waistcoat, unique, chic French design.
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  • Dog Nonos

    Dog Nonos

    Chic French dog Nonos smartly dressed, long ears, long nose and dopey eyes.
  • Lion Simply

    Lion Simply

    Simply the lion is appealingly sweet, unique plush toy that is simply French.
  • Giggly Hanging Monkey

    Giggly Hanging Monkey

    Monkey plush to hang anywhere, push the heart and hear this monkey giggle.
  • Sweet Monkey

    Sweet Monkey

    Sweet Monkey with big smile , small handy plush toy you can carry around.
Not the usual plush toys, unique design, well made, soft and cuddly as well.