Objet d'art

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  • Robins n'Teapot

    Robins n'Teapot

    Finely crafted in stone, refreshingly unique, red-breasted robins singing in a teapot.
  • Dog Family

    Dog Family

    Family of dogs huddled in a basket, a gift for the family, a gift for the dog lover
  • Underwater Jellyfish

    Underwater Jellyfish

    Beautiful glass art, underwater scene with swimming jellyfish and tall seaweeds,
  • Sausage Dog

    Sausage Dog

    Dachshund so life-like, crafted to perfection in stone, a gift to make a dog owner smile.
  • Ducks Crossing

    Ducks Crossing

    Work of art. duck, four duckling crossing a stone bridge in the countryside
  • Hand Painted Tile

    Hand Painted Tile

    From: £23.99
    Beautiful decorative piece of tile, hand painted from original work, various artists
  • Hugging Hedgehogs

    Hugging Hedgehogs

    Hugging hedgehogs so sweet, crafted with lots of details.
  • Golden Deer

    Golden Deer

    A gift for one who loves all creatures great and small, glass art sitting deer in gold. 
  • Deer Head Bookends

    Deer Head Bookends

    Stunning piece, aluminium Deer Heads Bookends, so very sophisticated, polished and crafted to high standards,
  • Glass Sea Shell

    Glass Sea Shell

    Solid glass sea shell replica heavy and stable, perfect as decor or paper weight.
  • Marble Stone Lighthouse

    Marble Stone Lighthouse

    Lighthouse made from red marble stone, smooth, glossy, a gift for someone who loves the sea
  • Wood Carved  Duck

    Wood Carved Duck

    Large duck, red eyes, hand carved from wood, a truly unique piece.
  • Cat in Gold

    Cat in Gold

    Metal art cat in gold, cut out twirls and curls, beautiful, clever design, a gift for the cat lover.
  • Black Sheep Decor

    Black Sheep Decor

    An outstanding artistic decor, little black sheep handcrafted in metal.
  • Wise Monkeys

    Wise Monkeys

    Three wise monkeys , a gift of wisdom from ancient civilisation. 
  • Owl on Branch

    Owl on Branch

    For the owl fan, metal sculpt owl sitting on a branch, a unique room decor.  
Art never goes out of style, beautiful objects are forever.