Novel Storage

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  • Gentleman's Box

    Gentleman's Box

    Elegant, the perfect keepsakes box for the perfect gentleman.
  • Sweetheart Bowl

    Sweetheart Bowl

    A modern, minimalist heart dish,  a gift with the message "from me to you"
  • Rugby Box

    Rugby Box

    EXCLUSIVE ITEM Hard wood, antique finished Rugby Box, "From Rugby With Love".
  • With Love Tin

    With Love Tin

    "With Love" nostalgia and romance, a heart tin with gold interior,
  • Rustic Floral Inlaid  Box

    Rustic Floral Inlaid Box

    A gift sure to surprise, handmade hard wood box with aluminium floral inlaid design, rustic.


    Romantic floral design, large wooden keepsake box with heart photo frame
  • Love Tin

    Love Tin

    Love heart tin, in shining red, so expressive and attractive.
    Out of stock
  • Enjoy Box Set

    Enjoy Box Set

    Box set of six beautifully crafted boxes each different, so unique.
  • Roses Heart Box

    Roses Heart Box

    A shabby chic style heart box full of nostalgia, to put in those souvenirs of long ago,
  • Adventure Box Set

    Adventure Box Set

    A set of 3 quality boxes for the adventurer elegant in navy blue
  • Mini Heart Tin

    Mini Heart Tin

    Mini heart tin, tiny yet strong, beautiful red and gold colours, such elegance.
  • Letter Dish

    Letter Dish

    Interesting, unique gift " You've Got Mail" old fashion letter dish, fit for the high tech age.
  • Handy Tin Box

    Handy Tin Box

    Practical tin box for those bits and pieces get organised and tidy.
  • Thank You Tin

    Thank You Tin

    Say "thank you " in another way, with this attractive heart tin.
  • Chocolates Tin

    Chocolates Tin

    Full of nostalgia, lavender chocolate tin, a perfect way to gift chocolates.
    Out of stock
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