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  • Hand Painted Tile

    Hand Painted Tile

    From: £23.99
    Beautiful decorative piece of tile, hand painted from original work, various artists
  • Rocking Horse

    Rocking Horse

    Handmade distressed wooden rocking horse, full of charm, lots of details.
  • Glass Sea Shell

    Glass Sea Shell

    Solid glass sea shell replica heavy and stable, perfect as decor or paper weight.
  • Deer Head Bookends

    Deer Head Bookends

    Stunning piece, aluminium Deer Heads Bookends, so very sophisticated, polished and crafted to high standards,
  • Nodding Dog

    Nodding Dog

    Bright coloured metal dog in metal, unique design. This dog nods.
  • Angel Fishes Metal Art

    Angel Fishes Metal Art

    Four Angel Fishes in blue and gold swimming, uniquely designed elegant metal sculpture,
  • Five Birds on Branch

    Five Birds on Branch

    Wood carved five multicoloured birds sitting on a tree branch, distressed finish.
  • Lily Tea Light Candle Holder

    Lily Tea Light Candle Holder

    Glass lilies on metal branch that appear to be floating. This low base design makes it an ideal tea light holder for dining or coffee tables.
  • Colourful Seahorses

    Colourful Seahorses

    From: £11.99
    Multicoloured seahorses, hand carved on wood, great details, hand painted in many hues
  • Cat in Gold

    Cat in Gold

    Metal art cat in gold, cut out twirls and curls, beautiful, clever design, a gift for the cat lover.
  • Marble Stone Lighthouse

    Marble Stone Lighthouse

    Lighthouse made from red marble stone, smooth, glossy, a gift for someone who loves the sea
  • Golden Deer

    Golden Deer

    A gift for one who loves all creatures great and small, glass art sitting deer in gold. 
  • Scottie Dog

    Scottie Dog

    A gift for the dog lover, Scottie with spots, handcrafted from light metal, it has a wagging tail. .
  • Underwater Jellyfish

    Underwater Jellyfish

    Beautiful glass art, underwater scene with swimming jellyfish and tall seaweeds,
  • Owl on Branch

    Owl on Branch

    For the owl fan, metal sculpt owl sitting on a branch, a unique room decor.  
  • Woven Dog

    Woven Dog

    A great unique piece, seagrass dried in the sun, painstakingly knotted and woven, a sweet looking dog.
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