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  • Wood Carved Owl

    Wood Carved Owl

    Hand carved in hard wood, hand painted the most beautiful owl you ever did see
  • Rugby Cat

    Rugby Cat

    EXCLUSIVE ITEM Rugby Cat, adorable in a Rugby uniform, handmade, hand painted pottery
  • Rugby Box

    Rugby Box

    EXCLUSIVE ITEM Hard wood, antique finished Rugby Box, "From Rugby With Love".
  • Rocking Horse

    Rocking Horse

    Handmade distressed wooden rocking horse, full of charm, lots of details.
  • Drummer Owl

    Drummer Owl

    Wise owl playing the drum, handcrafted in metal, detailed, artistic.
  • Puppet Frog

    Puppet Frog

    Handmade wooden frog shelf sitter, interesting expression, makes you smile.
  • Rugby Boots

    Rugby Boots

    EXCLUSIVE ITEM Rugby boots handmade and hand painted, rugged vintage pottery.
  • Frog Tray

    Frog Tray

    Metal frog holding a gold tray, handcrafted, hand painted.
  • Rugby Ball

    Rugby Ball

    EXCLUSIVE ITEM For someone who loves rugby, Rugby Ball beautiful pottery, handmade and hand painted
  • Woven Dog

    Woven Dog

    A great unique piece, seagrass dried in the sun, painstakingly knotted and woven, a sweet looking dog.
  • Rooster in Boots

    Rooster in Boots

    Handcrafted metal rooster in boots, multi-colour shiny finish, an artistic decor.
  • Scottie Dog

    Scottie Dog

    A gift for the dog lover, Scottie with spots, handcrafted from light metal, it has a wagging tail. .
  • Silver Collar Dog

    Silver Collar Dog

    Hand carved wooden dog with glistening collar, sophisticated, simply different.
  • Puppet Pinocchio

    Puppet Pinocchio

    Wooden Pinocchio, handmade, movable arms and legs, shelf sitter can sit on a shelf.  A collector's delight.
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Handmade gifts each one is different, one-of-a-kind, ingenuity fused with craftsmanship.