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  • Puppy in the Bag

    Puppy in the Bag

    Puppy crafted with life like details in a bag, beautiful and unique.
  • Wood Carved  Duck

    Wood Carved Duck

    Large duck, red eyes, hand carved from wood, a truly unique piece.
  • Rustic Garden  Spool

    Rustic Garden Spool

    Rustic cast iron garden spool with twin birds, a unique gift for the gardener..
  • Floral Trowel & Fork

    Floral Trowel & Fork

    For the constant gardener traditional design stainless steel fork and trowel
  • Black Sheep Decor

    Black Sheep Decor

    An outstanding artistic decor, little black sheep handcrafted in metal.
  • Rooster in Boots

    Rooster in Boots

    Handcrafted metal rooster in boots, multi-colour shiny finish, anĀ artistic decor.
Gifts for the gardener and outdoor lover, garden implements and artistic handcrafted animals.