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  • Wreath Candle Holder

    Wreath Candle Holder

    A dramatic centre piece on any table, black wreath shaped metal candle holder for six (6) tea light candles.
  • Cup Cake Stand

    Cup Cake Stand

    Vintage two tier cup cake stand, heart shape trays, brass-nickel finished, attractive centre piece.
  • Salad Serving Set

    Salad Serving Set

    Designer wooden salad serving set, a classic design, reinvented. very sleek, minimalist, so Swedish design.
  • Fruit Bowl

    Fruit Bowl

    Traditional fruit holder with stand, finished in brass-nickel, large and stable, to display fruits, snacks or food on the table.   
  • Stacking Cups

    Stacking Cups

    Four stacking cups, California style, easy and carefree, in pink and gold.  
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  • Dish Train

    Dish Train

    Dishes connected like a train an unusual design, plenty of storage.

  • Scented Candle Stand

    Scented Candle Stand

    Candle stand clean, minimalist style with curvy leg bottoms, style fits any room or conservatory, old or new. 
  • Copper Dish on Legs

    Copper Dish on Legs

    Ornate copper dish, a luxury for special occasions, your soup, sauces, gravy served in style. 
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  • Pestle & Mortar

    Pestle & Mortar

    Pestle and Mortar, beautiful elegant black marble,  flavourful and healthier option for preparing spices
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  • Turquoise LIly Vase

    Turquoise LIly Vase

    Glass flower vase with lily shaped opening and gem-like turquoise colour,. A unique flower vase, for somebody who loves flowers.
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  • Copper Candle Sticks

    Copper Candle Sticks

    A pair of tall copper candlesticks for candlelit dinners.
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