Fine Homeware

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  • Cup Cake Stand

    Cup Cake Stand

    Vintage two tier cup cake stand, heart shape trays, brass-nickel finished, attractive centre piece.
  • Tea Cup 'n Tin

    Tea Cup 'n Tin

    Swedish designed teacup with tin container, a special way to enjoy your tea.
  • Copper Dish on Legs

    Copper Dish on Legs

    Ornate copper dish, a luxury for special occasions, your soup, sauces, gravy served in style. 
  • Serving Bowl

    Serving Bowl

    Going nuts? Care for the environment? Serving bowl to serve nuts and other snacks, crafted in recycled metal, excellent gift for the cocktail host.
  • Traditional Wine Cooler

    Traditional Wine Cooler

    Traditional bucket wine chiller, aluminium alloy, finished shabby-chic style, A lasting gift for any home.
  • Pestle & Mortar

    Pestle & Mortar

    Pestle and Mortar, beautiful elegant black marble,  flavourful and healthier option for preparing spices
  • Tulips Double  Tins

    Tulips Double Tins

    Designer tins, set of 2, fuchsia and purple tulips, sleek minimalist design


    Scandinavian inspired, black salad bowl, dramatic an interesting piece for your dinning table.
  • Salad Serving Set

    Salad Serving Set

    Designer wooden salad serving set, a classic design, reinvented. very sleek, minimalist, so Swedish design.
  • Napkin Box Set

    Napkin Box Set

    Napkin Box Set of two to store your napkins, deep and strong Swiss designed, useful gift for any home.
  • Kitchen Towel Holder

    Kitchen Towel Holder

    Kitchen Towel Holder polished stone and crafted to high standards, fit for any kitchen, modern or traditional. 
  • Boat Pestle and Mortar

    Boat Pestle and Mortar

    A traditional small pestle and mortar, a gift for someone starting out or a budding cook.  
  • Oil and Vinegar Set

    Oil and Vinegar Set

    Classic Italian porcelain from Tuscany, A work of art to grace your table.
  • Copper Butter Knife

    Copper Butter Knife

    A set of four butter knives, curvy copper handles with stainless steel blades.
  • Fruit Bowl

    Fruit Bowl

    Traditional fruit holder with stand, finished in brass-nickel, large and stable, to display fruits, snacks or food on the table.   
  • Glass Candy Jar

    Glass Candy Jar

    Made from thin glass, this candy jar is lightweight but strong,. Unique candy jar sure to look smashing on the coffee table.
  • Turquoise LIly Vase

    Turquoise LIly Vase

    Glass flower vase with lily shaped opening and gem-like turquoise colour,. A unique flower vase, for somebody who loves flowers.
  • Scented Candle Stand

    Scented Candle Stand

    Candle stand clean, minimalist style with curvy leg bottoms, style fits any room or conservatory, old or new. 
  • Stacking Cups

    Stacking Cups

    Four stacking cups, California style, easy and carefree, in pink and gold.  
  • Shell Bowl

    Shell Bowl

    Snack bowl shell on a shell design ,A serving dish for those  who like things special.
 Gifts for the home with a touch of luxury, elegant design that marry practicality and style.