Far and Fair

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  • Wise Monkeys

    Wise Monkeys

    Three wise monkeys , a gift of wisdom from ancient civilisation. 
  • Five Birds on Branch

    Five Birds on Branch

    Wood carved five multicoloured birds sitting on a tree branch, distressed finish.
  • Bolga Basket

    Bolga Basket

    Premium Bolga Basket from Ghana handwoven grass with leather handle.
  • Sitting Zebra

    Sitting Zebra

    Zebra puppets, handmade, hand painted can sit legs dangling, bended or straight with movable arms.
  • Antique Wooden Chest

    Antique Wooden Chest

    Antique chest handcrafted in solid wood, copper coloured reproduction.
  • Polka Dot Duck

    Polka Dot Duck

    Shabby-chic, distressed Polka Dot Duck, handmade in wood, fair trade
  • Stone Buddha Box

    Stone Buddha Box

    Washed stone sitting buddha trinket box with carved details. A gift from far away.
  • Wood Carved Multi-colour Pig

    Wood Carved Multi-colour Pig

    Multi-coloured little pig carved in solid wood and polished finish. Something new and really different.
  • Hugging Hedgehogs

    Hugging Hedgehogs

    Hugging hedgehogs so sweet, crafted with lots of details.
  • Cherish Stone

    Cherish Stone

    "Cherish" written in stone, heart shaped soap stone that is so forever.
  • Birds on Driftwood

    Birds on Driftwood

    The sea and all the memories it brings, birds on driftwood, hand made, fair trade. 
  • Dog Family

    Dog Family

    Family of dogs huddled in a basket, a gift for the family, a gift for the dog lover
Gifts from far away, crafted using methods passed generation to generation,ethically sourced, fairtrade.