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  • Santa Wreath

    Santa Wreath

    Welcome your guests with a Santa wreath like not other, on your door
  • Christmas Squirrel

    Christmas Squirrel

    A very special Christmas Squirrel, handcrafted with tail of real hair
  • Christmas Sleigh

    Christmas Sleigh

    Merry Christmas sleigh shabby chic, unusual. Welcome your guests in style.
  • Christmas Lantern

    Christmas Lantern

    A very special Christmas lantern, wooden unique candle holder.
  • Jolly the Snowman

    Jolly the Snowman

    A happy addition to any home at Christmas. Jolly the snowman smiling.
  • Nesting Santa

    Nesting Santa

    Wood carved nesting Santa, a Christmas gift that is so very unique and fun.
  • Christmas Game

    Christmas Game

    "The Night Before Christmas" a board game., while waiting for Santa.
  • Santa Mailbox

    Santa Mailbox

    Santa's mailbox to hang on your tree, put inside your Christmas wish.
  • Xmas Snow train

    Xmas Snow train

    Wooden snow train , a delightful Christmas decor in candy red colour.
  • Xmas Music Box

    Xmas Music Box

    A quaint music box for Christmas, . A transitional gift, a gift of music.
  • Xmas Musical Mouse

    Xmas Musical Mouse

    Mouse ballerina dancing to "Jingle bells" musical Christmas gift
  • Blessing Plaque

    Blessing Plaque

    Wooden plaque "Count Your Blessings" natural woven material, so original.
  • Log Tea Light Holder

    Log Tea Light Holder

    Glittering oak wood tea light holder, adds ambience to the Christmas dinner.
  • Vintage Xmas Drawer

    Vintage Xmas Drawer

    Christmas drawer, hand crafted wooden heart, a vintage Christmas gift,
  • Xmas Rope Bunting

    Xmas Rope Bunting

    Country style wooden checkered ribbons Christmas bunting, to say "Merry Christmas"
  • Christmas Angel Star

    Christmas Angel Star

    Christmas decor to brighten any home, natural banana fibre angel with a star.
  • Reindeer Bell

    Reindeer Bell

    Gather the guests around the Christmas table ringing a brass reindeer bell.
Christmas decorations simply different, so usual, create a unique Christmas