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  • Bambi Trinket Box

    Bambi Trinket Box

    Bambi trinket box, Disney's beloved deer character, a trinket box for all Disney fans.
  • Classic Jewellery Box

    Classic Jewellery Box

    Jewellery box so perfect and such a beauty, designed in glass, a classic.
  • Kingfisher on a Branch

    Kingfisher on a Branch

    A gift of beauty, kingfisher on a branch, colourful stone art, with daffodils for even more colour. 
  • Sausage Dog

    Sausage Dog

    Dachshund crafted to life-like perfection in stone, a gift to make any dog owner smile.
  • Robins n'Teapot

    Robins n'Teapot

    Finely crafted in stone, refreshing and unique, red-breasted robins, singing inside a teapot.
  • Oyster Trinket Box

    Oyster Trinket Box

    How intriguing a trinket box designed with trinkets, a multi-shade oyster trinket box. ing.
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To give such joy for always, some things are destined to become a classic.