Bags and Boxes

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  • Smiling Hippo Bag

    Smiling Hippo Bag

    Rucksack for toddlers, unique French design, with colourful patches different eyes, different legs.
  • Dino Box

    Dino Box

    Dinosaur Box from wood, in bright green and brown, a nice addition to a boy's room


    Toddler's first school bag, unique French design, pink mouse rucksack with silver handle and colourful patches
  • Shaun Box Set

    Shaun Box Set

    Shaun the sheep, five different pieces box set, quality, colourful storage.
  • Dorothy  Box

    Dorothy Box

    Solid wood antique finish decoupage box, scenes the film Wizard of Oz.
  • Animal Bag

    Animal Bag

    Animal bag painted both sides, woven from jute, durable, ecologically friendly, biodegradable. 
  • Fuchsia Heart Box

    Fuchsia Heart Box

    "Truly yours" heart wooden keepsake box for precious mementos.
  • Peter Box

    Peter Box

    Peter Rabbit hand decoupage hard wood box, quality and originally .
  • Winnie Box

    Winnie Box

    Winnie the Pooh decoupage storage box in hard wood, antique finish.
  • Piggy Bank

    Piggy Bank

    A gift of thrift shiny bright coloured Piggy Bank artful decoupage.
Special storage for little boys and girls, very useful, will be treasured for many years.