Why we are here

Good quality, hard to find, value for money gifts have huge appeal, but where are they?

This is the question we ask ourselves each gift-giving occasion when buying gifts for loved ones. Why buy something that can be found anywhere and everywhere? It has become harder and harder to find a gift that is different, that is special.

What makes a gift, a special gift? It is that extra effort to find a find. It is originality and uniqueness, not price. It is that added attention and loving touch of something wrapped and ribboned. All these say - you care very much.   

Our inspiration comes from a shop in far away Sorrento, Italy. It sits at the entrance of the town centre teeming with shoppers browsing through beautifully crafted products, specially selected merchandise, some bespoke, some one-of-a-kind.  This shop is a marketplace, where small and independent craftsmen, emerging product designers get store presence, something they cannot afford to do on their own. At the same time, shoppers have access to products they otherwise might never have seen. 

Rare Finds Gift Shop is a gift shop quite unlike mostWe offer a select selection of giftsreasonably priced, available online and on the high street. We do not deal in bulk products. Some of our products are one-of-a-kind. We work with craftsmen, designers and small businesses to create and innovate gifts.

    For those who relish giving gifts,
           for those who practise the art of gift giving,
                       for those who know that giving gifts is about caring not price
                                      we are here to serve you.

  AT LAST .....            

Rare Finds Gift Shop is a trading name of One Serenity Ltd, a company registered under the laws of England and Wales registration no.5703446. 
Registered office: Serenity House, 20 High Street, Rugby, Warwickshire CV21 3BG Website: www.rarefindsgiftshop.co.uk