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Christmas Lantern
Utterly charming shabby-chic Christmas lantern. Each side of the lantern has a different snowman image. The back side opens for a tea light candle to be placed in the holder. Interesting, definitely not the usual.
Sewing Machine Miniature Clock
This is a collector item. Finely crafted in iron and steel, this mini clock has carved sewing accessories on top, a miniature replica of a long gone, beloved sewing machine.
Oyster Trinket Box
A trinket box designed with trinkets. This multi-shade oyster trinket box has blue crystals on its rim and a gold clasp at the bottom. Open it - no pearls! Just a shiny yolk yellow tiny space for trinkets. How intriguing.
Musical Grand Piano
Miniature grand piano in wood, with keys and open/close lid just like the real one. The top part opens to reveal the mechanical wind-up player, plays "Lover's Concerto"
Christmas Sleigh
So very shabby-chic, a Merry Christmas sleigh in hardwood to stand at the entrance of your home. Welcome your guests in style.