​​​​​​​            A SELECT SELECTION OF GIFTS                          
Dog Nonos
Smartly dressed in patches of corduroy, with its long ears, long nose and dopey eyes, chic French design
Copper Dish on Legs
Ornate copper dish, a luxury for special occasions, your soup, sauces, gravy served in style. 
Sewing Machine Bookends
Unique gift, collector's delight. Singer Sewing Machine Bookends, crafted in iron and wood.
Stonehenge Oil Burner
Unusual gift, aromatherapy anyone? Oil burner Stonehenge, beautifully crafted in resin, hand painted.
Metal Art Duck
Metal Art Duck, a large unusual piece of sculpt metal that is sure to catch a lot of attention.
Musical Grand Piano
Miniature musical grand piano in wood, top opens to reveal mechanical wind-up player, plays "A Wish is a Dream"
Puppet Pinocchio
Wooden Pinocchio, handmade, movable arms and legs, shelf sitter can sit on a shelf.  A collector's delight.
Camper Van Money Box
A classic gift for the classic cars collector.,VW Camper Van, a money box hand crafted.