Camel Trinket Box
A most unique gift, far away and long ago, elegant trinket box camel with crystals on its back.
Puppy in the Bag
True to life details puppy in a bag, can be for bit and pieces, or a planter, useful, beautiful, a unique gift.
Heart Clock
Shabby Chic style, heart shaped, in the colour of Provence, this clock is very unique and a real stand out.
Musical Carousel (S)
Enchanting musical carousel with exquisite details and movement, carousel turns to the melody.
Metal Art Duck
Metal Art Duck, a large unusual piece of sculpt metal that is sure to catch a lot of attention.
Discover Musical Jewellery Box
Musical Jewellery Box, "Discover Your World", unique design, plays Debussy's "Clair de Lune"  
Xylophone Player
Traditional wooden pull toy, animal playing the xylophone as the cart is pulled. Motion and sound toy.
Kingfisher on a Branch
A gift of beauty, kingfisher on a branch, colourful stone art, with daffodils for even more colour.