Hand Painted Tile
Beautiful decorative piece of tile, hand painted from original work, various artists
Christmas Lantern
A very special Christmas lantern, shabby-chic style, unique design with tea light candle holder.
Dog Nonos
Smartly dressed in patches of corduroy, with its long ears, long nose and dopey eyes, chic French design
Underwater Jellyfish
A unique gift, beautiful glass art, underwater scene with swimming jellyfish and tall seaweeds,
Camel Trinket Box
A most unique gift, far away and long ago, elegant trinket box camel with crystals on its back.
Musical Carousel (S)
Enchanting musical carousel with exquisite details and movement, carousel turns to the melody.
Xmas Musical Scented Candle
A scented candle that plays a melody " We wish you an Merry Christmas" in a luxuriously presented box, makes for a very special gift
Jolly the Snowman
A happy addition to any home at Christmas. Jolly the snowman, with snow boots, scarf and a top hat, smiling to wish you the best of the season.
Bambi Trinket Box
Bambi trinket box, Disney's beloved deer character, a trinket box for all Disney fans.
Metal Art Duck
Metal Art Duck, a large unusual piece of sculpt metal that is sure to catch a lot of attention.
Discover Musical Jewellery Box
Musical Jewellery Box, "Discover Your World", unique design, plays Debussy's "Clair de Lune"  
Xylophone Player
Traditional wooden pull toy, animal playing the xylophone as the cart is pulled. Motion and sound toy.