​​​​​​​             A SELECT SELECTION OF GIFTS                                        
Art Deco Glass Box
The Charleston Lady in stunning Art Deco brilliant colours. It is a work of art. Inside, the glass box is lined and has dividers. Indeed a special box for special somethings.
Unicorn Rose Money Box
Unicorn head decorated with pink roses, intricately designed, a real stand out money box, Why settle for less when you can have something useful and beautiful?
Sewing Machine Mini Clock
This is a collector item. Finely crafted in iron and steel, this mini clock has carved sewing accessories on top, a miniature replica of a long gone, beloved sewing machine.
Musical Carousel (L)
Enchanting, full of intricate details and movement, this hand painted carousel turns to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" from the classic film "The Wizard of Oz". A forever gift that will be dearly cherished.